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Biophoton Technologies is conceived to channelise technology to reach the bottom of the society. A team of Technologists, Scientists and Medical doctors work together to first understand the unmet need, develop suitable technology and convert them to usable products at a very affordable cost.

We have been catering to customers globally and many hospitals are enjoying our innovation.



We have touched the lives of more than 4 lakhs infants


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A Bili blanket is a portable phototherapy device consisting of a fiber-optic pad and a portable LED Light Source for the treatment of neonatal jaundice. Revolutionizing the phototherapy treatment by providing a portable and maintenance free technology. Flexible blanket allows to wrap over the baby making it more effective and convenient phototherapy treatment. It is the best solution to promote parent-infant bonding, while in jaundice treatment. Our Product Meets International guidelines for phototherapy.

irradiance meter

Ensuring adequate spectral light power has become increasingly important for effective neonatal jaundice treatment. The lamp aging and patient distance from the lamp head can significantly affect the therapy procedure and resultant curing time.

biowarm warmer

The infant may need to provide treatment of phototherapy and warming at the same time. This is all in one system with LED phototherapy and precisely controlled warmer with all advanced features, of touch screen, alarms as well as baby monitoring system

bioblue phototherapy

Very elegant and economical  LED phototherapy system with options to have therapy from bottom as well as top sides.

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